Nioscope – A Specialised Magnifier to Study the Scalp

After our successful launch of Nioxin Treatments, Reed Hair now has access to a Nioscope.

This is specialized magnifier to study the scalp and can show clients before and after images of their scalps so that each client can determine for themselves if the treatment is producing results. Unlike traditionally microscopes, a Nioscope projects the field of view onto a monitor so hair clients can see their own scalps on a T.V. screen.

Texture, colour and flakiness of the scalp, along with clogged follicles can be seen very clearly under this high-powered microscope. Before and after images allow hair clients to see how one treatment has affected their scalp so that they can make an informed decision if they would like to book subsequent treatments.

A review of the first microdermabrasion treatment in the hair care industry to treat the signs of an aging scalp and increase hair growth with deep exfoliation.

Reed Hair can now offer a one-of-a-kind anti-aging scalp treatment to complement any thinnig system.

Some Reasons Why Hair Stops Growing

Nioxin Research Laboratories maintain that strong and healthy hair begins below the surface of the scalp. If follicles are clogged, strands cannot grow from them. In a healthy growing environment it is not uncommon to find two or three strands of hair growing out of each follicle site. The more follicles that are blocked, the fewer strands of hair that will grow. This is what makes the scalp noticeable and gives the impression of balding. Hair that does manage to grow will be weak which means hair will break easily, and they will thin-out.

Follicles can easily be plugged with sebum, hardened collagen and layers of dead skin cells.


Exfoliation Cleans and Optimizes the Hair Growing Environment

Think of it as a facial for the scalp. Expediting cellular renewal of the scalp with a natural dermabrasion works the same way microdermabrasion works for the face. Sloughing off dead, flaky skin allows younger skin cells to surface. Younger cells are fresher, clearer and healthier. For the scalp this means a healthier environment for new hair growth.

Ingredients and How They Work

By penetrating the follicle pore, Scalp Renew’s ingredients exfoliate build-up. The ingredients consist of:

  • willow bark and mechanical exfoliants to loosen dirt and dried skin
  • alpha and beta hydroxy acids to dissolve oils and break-up thick skin build-up
  • fruit and milk sugars to clean and soften
  • botanical enzymes such as aloe vera and Trimethylglycine to add nourishment and conditioning to the hair and newly exposed skin cells

Who Can Use This Product

Nioxin recommends a series of three identical treatments once every four to six weeks for optimal results. Hair clients do not have to be using Nioxin’s other products to see results or to schedule treatments. This is a stand-alone treatment that is suitable for anyone with scalp conditions that would benefit from a deep exfoliation or for anyone who would like have a “facial” for their scalp. Hair clients should not use an exfoliant on their scalp if they have open sores, tenderness, oozing, an untreated rash or any other medical condition that may be aggravated.

Our Stylists are trained by Nioxin educators to understand how Scalp Renew works, and how to apply the treatment effectively and safely. Stylists are not doctors, of course, but will be able to help determine if the scalp would benefit from exfoliation or if it would be unsafe due to a pre-existing scalp condition.

Generally, the mousse-like product is spread all over a dry scalp and is massaged into the scalp for one minute to ensure consistent coverage and to stimulate activation. It is left on for 10 minutes before being rinsed off. Hair is then washed and styled as normal.

Demi Moore was recently highlighted in OK! Magazine as being a fan of Nioxin and Scalp Renew. Her long, lustrous locks are a testament to keeping a healthy scalp at any age.

It is never too late to improve the growing environment for thinning hair, or to just treat a scalp to a “facial”.


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